Trash - The Movie Premieres in Rio

Trash - The Movie premiered on October 7th closing the International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Reviews and comments from across the internet have been wonderful. Here are a few extracts from the comments..

"Rio Film Festival audiences quickly granted "Trash," the latest from "The Hours" director Stephen Daldry, that label after the the film pleased crowds with comedy, child wonder, and "offshore" energy (as trades love to refer to it). Polling attendees after the film's applause-filled premiere, a Variety reporter found many locals agreed that, despite "Trash" not being a true Brazilian movie, "it is not non-Brazilian in the best sense." Many praised it for being more entertaining than most "favela" (or, Latin America slum) dramas."
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"On the heels of the new picture from Serena we have a new trailer for another film that would seem like a solid Oscar contender and yet we've heard nothing about a stateside release. Set to premiere at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival at the end of September, followed by an October 9 release in Brazil, we have a new trailer for Stephen Daldry's Trash..."
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"Written by Richard Curtis and Felipe Braga, “Trash” also reps Daldry’s first teen adventure thriller, and a pioneering Brazil, U.K. co-production which melds top echelon talent from Brazil and the U.K. while staking out Brazil as its home market.

An adaptation of Brit Andy Mulligan’s novel, and set on a massive landfill outside Rio, “Trash” is produced by London’s Working Title and PeaPie and Sao Paulo’s O2 Filmes.

Trash’s” real protagonists are first-time actors Gabriel Weinstein, Rickson Tevez and Eduardo Luis, who play three kids who live on a garbage dump, and stumble across a leather bag whose contents the brutal and bent city police desperately want back. Mara plays a NGO worker, Sheen a priest..."
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"One of the international highlights of Festival do Rio has been  the world premiere of Stephen Daldry's contemporary thriller Trash that took place on Tuesday, 7 October at the Cinépolis Lagoon. Daldry was accompanied by the Brazilian cast (the film was shot in Rio) including local superstars Wagner Moura and Selton Mello, as well as screenwriters Richard Curtis and Felipe Braga..."
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