The extraordinary new novel DOG, by multi-award winning author Andy Mulligan (Trash) will be published on Thursday 26 October 2017 by Pushkin Children’s Books.

DOG is the incredible journey of a boy and his dog, or a dog and his boy. It’s a uniquely dark adventure exploring trust, friendship and fear of rejection. DOG will give hope to readers both young and old.

When Tom meets Spider he knows he’s found a friend for life. Sadly, the friendship doesn’t run smoothly. The puppy has instincts of his own and Tom has so much on his plate: a new school, his parents’ separation and some serious bullying.... Both boy and dog will need more courage and determination than anyone could have imagined.

houseDOG is a tale of separation and reunion. The journey starts when Spider flees after a mad morning of misbehaviour. He chases a wild, seductive cat – but soon finds that the creatures he meets are never what they seem. He’s lied to by a spider, and shown pain and loss by a moth. A fox reveals the sheer cruelty of life - a flea displays inspirational strength - and a mad bull dog teaches him about loyalty and love. Spider’s encounters are all bizarre reflections of Tom’s own troubled world as the boy refuses to accept his friend’s absence. But the world is so wide, and they’ve been torn apart! Will they ever find each other?

Pushkin Children’s Books

Renowned editor Sarah Odedina has recently joined Pushkin Children’s Books as their Editor-at-Large. Sarah has wanted to work with Andy ever since she was the very disappointed under bidder for his novel Trash! Sarah says: “Andy is that exceptional literary talent who has the ability to appeal to all. Andy pulls off a rare feat in DOG, writing a fantastic fast-paced adventure with great emotional depth. I doubt that there are many readers who will be able to resist the delights of this wonderful book.”

Andy says: “I was talking at a primary school when a little boy interrupted with the classic non-sequitur: ‘Hey, mister. I’ve got a dog.’ ‘That’s nice,’ I said, as everybody laughed. ‘No, it’s not,’ said the boy, seriously. ‘He wants to be a cat.’ That night I started writing about a pet in crisis. I invented a puppy with paralysing doubts about his instincts and orientation, and out came DOG: a troubled book, but so full of joy. It was a joy to write, anyway.”

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DOG – a classic book for our time.



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